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An All-New Investigation into 
the Art and Craft of Writing
GREAT Romance Fiction for
Fun and a FORTUNE in Profit!

There is a common misconception that writing Romance Fiction is somehow undignified. That it is formulaic and trite. 

However, if you speak to professional writers, editors and publishers of Romance fiction, whether for short stories or novels, they'll tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. 

Industry people know that good Romance writing is a fine art and a noble craft. To do it well you need the right skills, the correct mindset and have the appropriate motivation. 
And for good reason.

Get it right, and you can make a fortune.

Romance outsells all other fiction by a factor of 5 to I, but it's also  one of the most difficult genres to break into. Why? Because the competition is enormous. 

The good news for you and me is that 90% of all Romance manuscripts are reportedly terrible. This is because most new Romance writers just don't understand the needs of publishers (magazine and book), agents and indeed, the reading public

It's for this reason I have devised a refreshing new look into the genre.

Sign up to this brand new e-course, and over the next ten weeks you will discover: 

1. Modern Romance, its Place & Purpose 

                2. The Myth of the Romance Formula

                3. Creating Dynamic & Believable Heroines

                4. Fun, Poignant & Realistic Motivating Factors

                5. Site, Setting & Background in Time & Space

                6. Hearts, Flowers & Weddings - The New Thinking

                7. Portraying Desire: How Much Sex is Too Much?

                8. Power Plays, Dreams and Perfect Pacing 

                9. Overcoming Obstacles to Love & Lust

                10. Climaxes, False Starts and Denouements

All this and lots of information, tips and pointers on writing style, voice, point of view, dialogue, flashbacks, foreshadowing, creating drama, tension and, as you'd expect from me, fast and effective writing, editing and polishing.

There will also be important follow up material and advice on preparing and submitting manuscripts for publication (for payment!) to women's magazines, romance agents and real world publishers like Harlequin Mills & Boon. A serious bonus to your career whether you write, or just aspire to write short stories, novellas or longer works.

       'The Easy Way to Write Romance - An all-new investigation 
          into the art and craft of writing great Romance fiction for 
          fun and a fortune in profit' 

So, if you want to know how it's done, what it takes and just how easy it is to get it right, start the course now!

Here's what a couple of recent past students have to say:

Rob, I want to say how much I enjoy the lessons. They are broken down into digestible, do-able, learnable pieces. I think that's critical to facilitate learning, but it also presents a very non-threatening place to begin or to grow your career as a romance writer. You are very patient and careful with your critiques and answers to questions asked. 

   The nurturing atmosphere of your class is a big plus since we writers have such fragile egos. We are more sensitive I think. <G>

   I learned tons. I am keeping all the lessons because of the excellent start I got on the novel thanks to this class. Actually it gave me the format and courage I need for all the novels I want to write - my guide, reference and anchor. 

   I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn to write, improve their craft, or just grow as a writer.

   Thanks for a very enjoyable, painless and well moderated learning experience.
    Billie A Williams, Author of 'Death by Candlelight' and others

   P.S. I'm going to have to dedicate my first romance novel to you!

  I can tell you the main reason why I liked your course.  It was to the point. 

 I love to read but I'll put down a book too wordy and/or if I miss the point.  Your examples with explanations were excellent...
The extra supplements were good....and I like the question & answer sections.  

    Best of all was the positive attitude. 
    Thank you for all your hard work,
     Susan Tortorici, Writer

 Click Here to Order Now

I sincerely believe this course is easily worth $200.

 But overcharging my students is simply not my style

 So here is the special offer price, from me to you: Just $47. About five dollars a lesson, and about a quarter of what I feel I should be charging! Oh, and all the rest of the material (and there's lots of it!)  will cost you nothing.

 And of course, at any time, for any reason whatsoever, you can  get your money back - and I mean all of it. Every last cent. No problem.

In fact I'll go further, if you don't get a romance book published within one year from today using my advice and guidance, I'll give you TWICE  your money back - that's how confident I am that you will love this e-course, and how much it will help your career!

 Use a credit card or online check through my totally secure server and you will immediately gain access to the 'hello and welcome' package.
I will then 'lock you in' to the course and your first lesson will begin. 

Click Here to Order Now

 There is a catch. 

 You have to get involved! 

 I want you to read and absorb the information. I want you to try the exercises and learn from them. Most of all I want you to write, live and breathe Romance Writing for the next ten weeks. 

  Is that too much to ask?

 As a special bonus, you can get advice, clarification, encouragement and feedback at every stage and can pose any and all sorts of questions to me and everyone else involved in the e-course.

 I am positive you will learn a great deal of valuable new information, gain revelatory insights - and have lots of fun in the process!

 Come, join me. Go here now to sign-up:

Click Here to start the course NOW!

 Best regards, keep writing,
From robparnell
The Easy Way to Write™
  Your Success is My Concern

 PS: $47 is a very special introductory price for this very popular e-course. It can never be this low again. I plan to double the price  very soon - to restrict numbers, to ensure all participants get  my fullest attention. 

 If you take yourself seriously as a potential romance writer, my  sincere advice is to act now to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

 PPS: And even if you receive ALL of the information in the course and STILL want your money back, I'll gladly give it to you. I promise.

  Click here to start your writing career today. 

Prefer to learn at your own pace?
You can buy the ebook version of this great course and download it all
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